Martin Luther King Jr. and Black Lives Matter

I've been in the process of applying to internships in the hopes of starting a career following my graduation. One of the internships required a reader's report on an article published within the last year. Although, it's off topic for my website, I liked what I wrote, and so, I decided to put it to … Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr. and Black Lives Matter


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 2017 UK Paperback

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is an omnibus of the three thus far published Dunk and Egg stories by George R.R. Martin. It takes place about a century before the story that unfolds in A Game of Thrones. The three novellas published include The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight, which may be found in singular … Continue reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 2017 UK Paperback

The (Inherent?) Problem With Book Collecting

    My blog is mostly about and inspired by Tolkien, i.e. the name, Tolkien Fiend. At the moment, it's a humble collection, with about half of the books sitting on the shelf being copies intended for reading. Collecting anything is largely only interesting to the collection, and collectors that are also interested in whatever … Continue reading The (Inherent?) Problem With Book Collecting

A Game of Thrones 2005 Mass Market Paperback Reissue

I'm a relative newcomer to Martin's world of Ice and Fire, having read A Game of Thrones during the holiday season of 2016. I started watching "Game of Thrones" during the summer of that year (getting through season four before taking an extended break) and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I decided to try out the books, and fell in love with the first book. I ordered my copy used from Amazon because it was the only copy I found at a comfortable price that did not mention the HBO show anywhere on it. I find advertising the adaptations of the book on the cover to be  nuisance, and do my best to avoid it-a strangely difficult task when shopp