The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Chronicles: Art & Design 2012 by Weta


This is an Weta art book detailing the concept art and creation of the world filmed in Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” Regardless of how anyone feels about the film, it’s undeniable that Jackson has an act for bringing the feel and imagery Tolkien books to the silver screen, so it’s worth anyone’s time to at least give it a once over (this of course applies to its counterparts as well). The art is stunning and beautiful (some by Alan Lee). The First Edition was printed in 2012 by Harper Design, a branch of HarperCollins Publishers. My copy is a first edition, my sister gave it to me as a gift right before the film was released. I’m very fond of this book, and flip through it every so often. It’s a great addition to any collection. There is text written by Daniel Falconer, but when buying these books you’re really buying the art and photographs, and it’s well worth it. It shows how characters and places that started as sketches were fleshed out and eventually turned into film. It would make a great companion to the film if you wanted to watch it with this on your lap. Your experience would definitely be enhanced. As  always, happy reading and happy collecting!


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