The Lord of the Rings 1994 Omnibus


I bought the “omnibus” as some might call it, mostly for the jacket art by Donato. I think the art is fantastic and captures the dark feel of the story very well. I’m always hesitant to refer to these types of printings as omnibuses because Tolkien originally intended the story to be published as one book. So in reality, this is the presentation that was intended. Trilogy editions are more convenient for reading however, so for those purposes I prefer the separate printings. This edition mainly sits on my shelf and looks pretty, but maybe one day I’ll read it. Mine is in good condition, not great. There are a few markings on the outside pages and dust jacket has some wear on it, but all the same, I enjoy it. Of all editions of the story I own, this one is probably my favorite presentation. Published by the Houghton Mifflin Company originally in 1991, I believe mine is from 1994. There is no publication number line to indicate which this copy is. From what I understand, if it was a first edition, it would be a statement printed on the information stage stating as much. Buying it mainly for the artwork, I could not care less about how late of an edition it is. I first saw a copy at Strand Bookstore in New York City, and loved the cover, so I went home and bought a copy on Amazon for much cheaper. I did buy another Tolkien book at Strand that day, but I’ll talk about that some other time. Out of every cover of The Lord of the Rings I’ve seen, this is my absolute favorite. If one day I can find a First Edition of this edition, I’d be over the moon. Happy reading and collecting!


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